Sunday, 29 April 2012


On route to Amarillo from my aunts house in Clyde in texas. Was so lovely to see my family and finally see their house and meet their CUTE dogs and horses. They live out in the country so it's right up my street :)

We played with my cousins crossbow on the garden, I managed to hit the bucket twice.

The drive to Amarillo has been really pretty. Lots of nothingness but pretty all the same.
Looking forward to steal for diner and drinking my drink out of a glass boot.

It is WARM!!!
Welcome to Texas

Drivin' through a town

On the road

Dried up river

Long roads!

Dust devil

dust devil growing!

My aunty's horses

This is John. He is one of my aunty's horses. He is an American Quarter Horse.

The 2 new pups that my aunty and cousin got from the rescue shelter. So sweet.
Lenny and Sheldon.

Our hotel in Amarillo. Cowboy themed!!!

The home of the 72oz steak challenge. We did not even think about trying it.

Back on the road.

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