Sunday, 29 April 2012


On route to Amarillo from my aunts house in Clyde in texas. Was so lovely to see my family and finally see their house and meet their CUTE dogs and horses. They live out in the country so it's right up my street :)

We played with my cousins crossbow on the garden, I managed to hit the bucket twice.

The drive to Amarillo has been really pretty. Lots of nothingness but pretty all the same.
Looking forward to steal for diner and drinking my drink out of a glass boot.

It is WARM!!!
Welcome to Texas

Drivin' through a town

On the road

Dried up river

Long roads!

Dust devil

dust devil growing!

My aunty's horses

This is John. He is one of my aunty's horses. He is an American Quarter Horse.

The 2 new pups that my aunty and cousin got from the rescue shelter. So sweet.
Lenny and Sheldon.

Our hotel in Amarillo. Cowboy themed!!!

The home of the 72oz steak challenge. We did not even think about trying it.

Back on the road.


So we stayed in Oklahoma city. We didn't see much of the town co we were so tired so just got take out and ate in our apartment.
We went to Walmart which is like 3 Asda's in one. I bought pop tarts to have for breakfast :) yum.

We went to the cowboy museum and heritage centre which I loved!!
A museum full of horsey things and paintings of horses and cowboys - yes please

We are finding America to be really friendly. Well the people we have met have all been pretty friendly. :)

At the Cowboy Museum and Heritage Centre.


Passing a river

On the road

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Had a quick visit to st Louis.. Arrived yesterday evening and went for a (pretty quick) walk to find dinner. We went to the address that we had for a jazz bar, but found a members only restaurant in its place. Luckily, they let us stay and had such a delicious meal.
The place was called blood and sand.
We were so tired so pretty much got back to the hotel and fell asleep.

We left St. Louis this morning and headed to Meramec caverns. Apparently they are the oldest and biggest in the world. They are so stunning. We had a private tour of the caverns which was pretty nice.

They also had a zip line where we zip lines through the trees and over the river. Pretty scary but pretty awesome to do. :)

We are in Springfield in Missouri now.
The drive here was really nice. Really green and full of trees. :)

We had the roof down in the car for most for the trip today... So worth getting a convertible!!!

On route to St Louis

Some rather windswept barns

St Louis

Giant cupcakes and inflatable men. What more do you want from an antiques store?

On the road.

Driving to Meramec Caverns.

Inside the caverns. Amazing.

Zip lining. Horrendous photo, but need to prove I did it!

our car :)


Cozy dog drive in. They were... interesting. The place was pretty cool though.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


So this is my first post about our American road trip of route 66 (with extra bits)

We have started in Chicago. We arrived on Sunday 22nd April. Yesterday we had a great full day in this VERY windy city.
We went to the field museum, shedd aquarium and the sky deck.
Then we went to watch some baseball. Cubs v cardinals. Cubs won!!!! Was such a good game.

Chicago :)

This is Sue. The most complete skeleton of a t-rex ever found. 

Baluga Whales at the Shedd Aquarium :)

Cloud Gate 

Inside Cloud Gate looking up. Its like a kaleidoscope. 

Me and Chris in Chicago

Looking down over Chicago from the Sky deck.

Chicago cubs winning the game at Wrigley field. 

Leaving a momento on the wall at Ginos East. They have THE MOST AMAZING pizza ever there.
If you are ever in Chicago, go there.
Only order a small pizza though...they are pretty filling.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Superficial digital flexor tendon

That's what my horse has damaged... Nope, stretched in her leg. Not good. She has been in her stable for 8 weeks now 24/7. Vet came today to check her and ( I think) he is happy with her progress. He is however, concerned that the damaged tissues in her leg might start to fuse together if she doesn't start moving around, so she finally allowed out of her stable for only about half an hour at the moment to go have some grass and move around a little bit. :) I am happy that she can start being a horse again. I hate it when they have to stay cooped up in their stables all day.

Anyway!!! So with this good news, I can finally start looking forward to my holiday .... Which starts on SUNDAY!
Pepper is being left in the care of my mum. I hate leaving her, especially with a poorly leg, but I am really looking forward to this trip

Basically we are driving route 66 ( with some extra bits)
From Chicago to San Diego, in 18 days.
I get to see my aunts and cousins who live in Texas along the way so that is exciting!!

I think I am going to try and keep this blog updated with what we are up to and where we are and photos etc.

So I had better start packing! (and washing the clothes that need to be packed) I'm so unorganised.