Tuesday, 24 April 2012


So this is my first post about our American road trip of route 66 (with extra bits)

We have started in Chicago. We arrived on Sunday 22nd April. Yesterday we had a great full day in this VERY windy city.
We went to the field museum, shedd aquarium and the sky deck.
Then we went to watch some baseball. Cubs v cardinals. Cubs won!!!! Was such a good game.

Chicago :)

This is Sue. The most complete skeleton of a t-rex ever found. 

Baluga Whales at the Shedd Aquarium :)

Cloud Gate 

Inside Cloud Gate looking up. Its like a kaleidoscope. 

Me and Chris in Chicago

Looking down over Chicago from the Sky deck.

Chicago cubs winning the game at Wrigley field. 

Leaving a momento on the wall at Ginos East. They have THE MOST AMAZING pizza ever there.
If you are ever in Chicago, go there.
Only order a small pizza though...they are pretty filling.

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