Thursday, 26 April 2012


Had a quick visit to st Louis.. Arrived yesterday evening and went for a (pretty quick) walk to find dinner. We went to the address that we had for a jazz bar, but found a members only restaurant in its place. Luckily, they let us stay and had such a delicious meal.
The place was called blood and sand.
We were so tired so pretty much got back to the hotel and fell asleep.

We left St. Louis this morning and headed to Meramec caverns. Apparently they are the oldest and biggest in the world. They are so stunning. We had a private tour of the caverns which was pretty nice.

They also had a zip line where we zip lines through the trees and over the river. Pretty scary but pretty awesome to do. :)

We are in Springfield in Missouri now.
The drive here was really nice. Really green and full of trees. :)

We had the roof down in the car for most for the trip today... So worth getting a convertible!!!

On route to St Louis

Some rather windswept barns

St Louis

Giant cupcakes and inflatable men. What more do you want from an antiques store?

On the road.

Driving to Meramec Caverns.

Inside the caverns. Amazing.

Zip lining. Horrendous photo, but need to prove I did it!

our car :)


Cozy dog drive in. They were... interesting. The place was pretty cool though.

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