Friday, 29 January 2010

keeping it alive!

I have decided not to neglect this blog now, as I quite like it and want to keep it alive.

I have been mega busy with uni work. Getting into my extended major project now. quite exciting. Im doing a childrens book, which I have written! I hope to enter it into the macmillian childrens book competition in April.

Ive got quite alot to do before the project deadline! like make a WHOLE childrens book! buuuttt its my last proper project of uni, and I want to get a good mark for it, so I need to work hard!
I am going to be making my website soon for my illustration work. So that will be exciting! and i hope to put some work up on etsy to sell :)

Also starting to think about work after uni! scary, but exciting!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

rubbish at blogging!

I have been rubbish at posting on here since I started back at uni. must mean that i am super busy! :)

just started a new blog which will act as my learning log for my FINAL PROJECT! eek.

so this blog will most likely remain neglected untill in finish uni now.