Friday, 24 February 2012

Inspiration: Andrea D'Aquino.

I have just stumbled upon the work of Andrea D'Aquino. I feel like I should have known about her work before now?
Anyway, I love how she works. Her process is similar to mine, in the fact that she uses lots of found paper and different textures and then cuts it up and arranges it into a layout. Her work is brilliant though, and this is because she pushed a lot further than I do. 

My work is always better when I take risks and push things a bit further than I find comfortable. Of course, a lot of the time this creates something which is quickly rearranged or forgotten about completely, but sometimes it ends up as something I'm proud of. 

I think coming across Andreas work has inspired me to push myself further and take more risks within my work.

I also love her use of colour. I love the muted browns and creams with the deep reds and greens, and occasional bright highlight. 

Friday, 17 February 2012

website and branding re-design

Recently, I have been working through a Dreamweaver classroom in a book, to try and help me understand Dreamweaver and a bit of coding, so that I can update my website and keep it up to date from now on.
I am still working through the book (it is getting more and more complicated, so takes a little while to get through it) but I think I am getting the hang of it (I hope!) Once I have got some basic knowledge, then I will start to completely re-design my website.
At the moment, it is pretty bare, as the last time I tried to change it, I got so muddled.
Also, it is not really reflecting my style at the moment, so isn't doing a very good job at being my website.

I am starting to work on some new headers for it and for this blog.
For some reason I struggle with headers and I can never quite get them to look how I want, so I will probably be asking for some help and opinions soon!

All this while still keeping my work going. phew!

I cant wait until my website is all done and looking great.

Anyway, for now I have done a little illustration of a drawing hand.