Thursday, 26 January 2012

Elizabeth Lau Illustration for Amelia's Magazine

Last week I contributed an illustration to Amelia's Magazine to accompany an interview with fashion designer Elizabeth Lau and her new range. I am not really into fashion, but I like to keep an eye on trends which might influence other things as well as fashion. That might be colours, patterns or themes. 
I haven't done much fashion illustration at all so thought I would challenge myself. 
I do really like this collection though. I think the clothes are fun and look like things I would like to wear.

I enjoyed making this image in my usual collage style, and seeing how a style which normally can be a bit messy and 'chunky'(?) , could also be dainty and tidy! 

Anyway, here it is and here is the interview.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Paper paper paper

I really love how versatile paper can be. I am jealous of people who can manipulate it to create amazing sculptures and illustrations. I tend to make more of a mess than a masterpiece. I love working with found papers and patterns and textures though to create my pictures. 

These paper cuts by Peter Callesen are pretty immense.

 They look beautifully simple, but they are so delicate and tiny, so I can only imagine they were not simple to make.

I have just received a package of papers from 1973 who have decided to collaborate with some different paper sculpture and collage artists to experiment and create something with their new range of paper. It is a completely open brief and the papers are beeeeaautiful so I am excited to get going with it. At the moment they are pinned on my wall so I can look at them and have a think what I am going to do with them. I have a few little ideas.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Polar Bear Cub

I have done a little illustration of a polar bear baby.

I am thinking of getting some pocket mirrors made up with my designs on for my etsy shop and craft fairs this year. Just thinking which designs to use for them. I might use this little guy.