Thursday, 1 March 2012

1973 Grafika Collaboration

A few weeks ago now 1973 sent a call out for collage artists to collaborate with them for a project to promote their lovely new paper collection : Grafika. This sounded right up my street so jumped at the chance. We were allowed to create anything we want with the collection of papers they sent in the post (what a lovely parcel that was!)

I got them straight up on my wall and just gazed at them for a couple of days. Then I realised that some of the papers reminded me of the patterns and colours you find in nature and on animals skin/fur....

The scales on a crocodile:

The lines and creases and armour like skin of a rhino:

The spots and colours of a giraffes fur:

And the bright colours found in plants and flowers:

I brought all my animals and flower together to create this sweet little scene.

I really enjoyed this project as I LOVE working with papers and patterns! 

What I also love about this project was the variety of different ideas and end results people came up with even though we all had the same paper collection. Just shows how you shouldn't and cant really compare yourself to other artists and illustrators, because we all work in different ways and come up with completely different ideas.