Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Craft It Forward!

Who wants to play Craft It Forward

If you love handmade packages and receiving things in the post (who doesn't??) then join in the game of craft it forward!

How do you participate?
It's simple! You just need to leave a comment on this blogpost and the first five who do that will receive one of the packages full of handmade stuff I put together! When you receive it, you need to blog about it (before the end of 2012) and give away five handmade things to five other people too! :)

The packages I put together contain different handmade stuff so you have to wait and see what you get!

I have been a rubbish participant in craft it forward as it has been ages since I received this beautiful package from Lisa Manuels. Life went a bit mental and then I was away for 3 weeks, but I have finally got round to it. phew!

Please only participate if you have time to blog about your Craft It Forward package and then also make and send a package of your own.

I adore Lisa's work so much. Such sweet little illustrations and characters. I am still deciding where to stick my sticker and who to post the card to :) (I don't want to part with it)