Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Business card design

I have been designing some business cards for my mum. She is a childminder and although she has no problem finding work as she is brilliant, I thought I would design her a business card anyway :)  (excuse the watermark)

I have used my little bear as I wanted to include a cute character to reflect the fact that the business is about children. So even though its the parents that will see the card, it is still child friendly. It is also fun which is always good!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I have been busy busy and so I have not been doing much blogging! Which is rubbish as I miss my blog. 

Well I have done a few simple valentines card designs.... they are purely computer designed so no collage and cutting and sticking like normal with these ones... I have handmade variations in mind though. Cant keep away from making a mess. 

These don't have to be just valentines cards though of course. They are for any day that you feel the need to tell someone how you feel. :)