Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bake - Sugar Figures

 A little while ago, actually I think it was back in the summer, a friend asked me if I could make figures of their friends out of sugar for their wedding cake. I said, yes..... I had never tried it before, but worth giving it a go!

They wanted them to look like their friends, and the guy had to be wearing a kilt with the cornish tartan, and he loves Ramstein, so they wanted the band logo on his t-shirt. He also has a ponytail. 

Getting the hair right was difficult, and the woman started off a bit plump, so there was a lot of tweaking! but I was so happy with the end result! 

They got dropped within 10 minutes of them being delivered, but luckily I zoomed back with my piping bags to fix any damages, which typically was the guys kilt and pony tail!

But they made their way down to Cornwall safe and sound and sat on the wedding cake proudly. 

 oh I made their dog also, for an added personal touch.

This was the end result, after a re-style for the womans hair and a bit of a diet!

New Childrens Cards

I have been playing with some new childrens birthday card designs, as I don't have many of them, especially boys cards.
I am quite fond of this little monster.