Friday, 18 September 2009

Good to Know project

Please go over to Pikaland and take a look at the 'good to know' zine. THIS ISSUE: Do you think that artists need to have degrees/qualifications from art school in order to be one? Did you study art? Does it matter?
I participated in this issue! You can find my opinion on the topic, and even a piece of my work in there. YAY!
There are so many great opinions on this topic. What would your answer be?

Please go check it out.

(the pattern above is a photocopy of some wallpaper i collected. Im going to make a file today with all the patterns i have got all over the place, so when I need them, I can find them!)

Monday, 14 September 2009

silly scales

I have made some bread, a loaf and some cottage rolls. I am waiting for them to bake in the oven at the moment, and I am hoping that they come out ok, which I am doubtfull of, as my weighing scales are quite indecisive when weighing things.
Fingers crossed for my bread!

Friday, 11 September 2009



I am grumpy at the moment, because we have been told that we have to move out of our flat because the landlord wants to move back in. I love our flat, i can see the sea and its lovely and the building is full of old people so its nice and quiet. (I'm not your usual party raving student!)
I am unusually sulky about it.

We are hoping that another flat in the same building will come available before we have to move out, so we can just chuck all our stuff in the lift and into the new flat. fingers crossed.
Anyway, my sulkiness fueled some little drawings.

some very delayed photos

The Natural History Museum. I hadn't been here since I was little, but it's still as awesome. I love the building so much, and of course all the things inside it.

I think the ceiling is so pretty, I had to take a photo of it. Would love to have a ceiling like this.

We were in there for hours, and we still didnt manage to get round the whole museum. It's definately a whole day job, or a few visits. You could spend a day just in the fossils and rocks room. They have all the elements in there, I never realised how pretty sulphur is, (although smelly). Also, I've never thought that I was a diamonds and sparkly jewels girl, but as soon as I went into the 'Vault' room, I was in awe of these amazing things. Its crazy to think such beautiful things are natural. My birth stone is Topaz, and I just love the colours.