Tuesday, 20 September 2011


As I am just starting up in the Freelancing world, I want to keep my brain creating and thinking in between jobs so I have been working on some things to enter into competitions and some things for my personal portfolio. 
One competition I entered recently was a design competition for Tigerprint. It was to design a concept for a new calender or diary for Marks and Spencer's. They wanted something fresh and original and an idea that would still be useful even with all the technology and digital calenders around. 

Well the result was announced today and unfortunately I didn't win, but my design did get chosen for a runner up, which I am most happy about :) 
The winning idea was lovely and genius. It incorporated useful QR codes to scan using your phone. Also cupcakes are always a winner in my eyes :) 

You can see the winning idea, my idea and all the other runners up here!

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