Monday, 10 October 2011

All Tropical, Ghosts of Gone Birds Competiton

A few days ago I entered a design for the Ghosts of gone birds t-shirt design competition for All Tropical.
The idea of the competition is to raise awareness for extinct birds, many of which have been gone for hundreds of years, so not too many people are even aware that they existed. It is so sad when you look at the list of extinct birds and see just how many beautiful species we are missing out on seeing.

Anyway, I chose to illustrate the Laughing Owl. Named as such because of its peculiar call. It seemed like a mischievous creature and that's the main reason why I chose it over many of the other birds which were on the list. Also, it had lovely patterns on its feathers, which of course I love.

To get into the final 10 which will then be judged by a panel, I need lots of votes for my design. Please rate my design by clicking on the palm trees. (5 palm trees is the best rating...hint hint)

Hope you like it!

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  1. i remember this, i love the design! I also did one for Ghost of Gone Birds too :) Add me


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