Monday, 19 September 2011

Help/advice needed

So I have been a busy bee recently.
I have moved back home from Dorset to Hampshire and I am now working freelance.

A lot of changes but think I am starting to get used to being at home again. My dad has built me an amazing studio on the end of our garage. I am so lucky to have a lovely space to call my own and to be creative in. Every now and then Archie will wonder in and depending on his mood he will snuggle up by my feet or he will sneakily take something and run off down the garden with it.
Will try and get a photo of my studio soon (when its organised as I'm still moving in a bit).

In the move from Bournemouth, I made a crazy decision to leave my scanner/printer behind, as it was slowly dying and becoming very fustrating to work with. It managed to find a new home within minutes of leaving it downstairs in the lobby! I decided it would make me buy a new one which I have been threatening for a long time! But I can not make a decision!!

I need help!
I can't decide whether to get an All-in-one again or to get separate printer and scanner. I know that I want an A3 printer and ideally an A3 scanner (as I like making big collages to scan), but I have found that this is proving a challenge to find.

Has anyone got any suggestions? What printers/scanners do you use?


  1. If I had the choice I would get separate scanner and printer - that way I don't have to worry about losing my scanner and printer if it explodes :)

  2. I wanted to do that but expensive.... I went ahead and got an all in one a3 one.

    The printing isnt amazing though :( going to try and take it back and switch it for an HP that only scans a4 and prints a3 but will probs be better print quality.

    I think you should be able to test them out in the shop!

    Thanks for the advice though. I will get seperates when I am rich.... one day.... i hope.
    Its a true point though. Ill make sure its covered by the home and contents insurance. :)


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