Saturday, 22 August 2009

I love....

Cy Twombly

I remember first seeing this painting in the Tate Museum, and falling in love with it. I sat in front of it for ages! I just love the feeling it gave when I was sat in front of it, like a pureness. seeing each layer of paint or writing, or texture. Also the fact that it is actually massive.

All four of the paintings (the four seasons series) look amazing together, and I wish I could have them on my living room wall.


  1. Hello, just leaving you a comment as I've so enjoyed looking around your site and reading your lovely posts. Great pictures too !

    Thank so much for sharing them and I hope you have a fab weekend (well, the rest of it anyway...)!

    Best wishes to you

  2. Thank you Elise,
    That comment has made me happy :) I am glad that someone has enjoyed my blog.

    I also hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Best wishes to you also :)


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