Friday, 21 August 2009

drawing practise

ok, so whenever i sit down to draw something it normally becomes a big affair with me getting in a strop because it doesnt look right, or its not 'perfect'. Annoyingly, i know its never going to look perfect because i know im not the best drawer. Sooo, i need to start drawing loads to just get me drawing more to become more relaxed when drawing and to be able to draw something and not really mind that its a bit lop sided or doesnt look anything like what its meant to be.

so with help from lists made by the likes of Keri Smith and Michael Nobbs, I have started my mission of drawing more.. drawing everything!

Last night i chose 8 things from the above lists, that I would make myself do today.

My list is:
  • Draw your morning cup of tea

  • Make a sketchbook and set a date to fill it by.
  • Draw while you listen to the radio
  • Draw the contents of your bag
  • Draw the book you are reading
  • Open a cupboard and draw what you see
  • Draw your shoes
  • Draw your pet

Well, so far here are the results..

This is my little hand made sketch book, for me to fill up by...erm.. i havent set a date yet. i think by next week would be reasonable.

I love wallpaper, its so pretty and perfect for book covers! and its free. :)

I do have a tendancy for going round b&q just tearing of massive chunks of wallpaper as "samples". perfect.

Im going on to the rest now. Although I cant find my book that I am reading because Chris is also reading it, and I am unsure to its whereabouts. hmm....

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