Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Daily Drawing: Day 1

So I have decided to start a daily drawing challenge for myself.

I will try and draw something everyday, for the next month.
I realise I should have come up with this idea yesterday, as it was the 1st of the month, but ah well!

I have been finding it really difficult to get creative recently, and feel I need to really push myself to get drawing again. I think, as I now have a little part time job in the weekdays, I find it difficult to switch back into drawing mode.
I'm hoping this will soon change!

So here is my first drawing.

I decided to draw my desk and my view from my desk.

Its strange, I notice my pencil marks start so light when I first start a drawing and then get darker as I get more confident.

(By the way, that is a pint glass of blackcurrant squash, not beer.)

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