Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mammoth lakes

I have been a bit lame at updating this it finally have a bit of time.

We are on mammoth lakes now. This is the prettiest place I think I have ever been. Lots of massive snow top mountains with lots of huge trees and lakes. Lovely.
We took a drive to Mono Lake today. The drive was beautiful and then the lake was really lovely. Also saw se chipmunks, snakes, lizards and birds.

The lake is about a third of it's original size due to California using it to provide water for LA etc but it is recovering.

One of the beaches on it is called Navy Beach because it was used on the cold war to test out machinery and weapons.

It also has these rocky areas on land and in the lake called 'tafu'
I need to research these more as I have no idea why the are called that!

It is a bit chilly here! Gets to -1 at night. Which is a bit different from the 36 degrees that we were having in Vegas!!

We are off to LA tomorrow. It will be a last long drive of the holiday


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