Thursday, 14 July 2011

lots of pretty flowers

At the weekend I worked on an illustration for Amelia's Magazine. It was for an article reviewing the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2011. I was waiting for Amelia to post her article on her blog before I could post my illustration and all the other lovely images on there.

Here is the illustration I designed for the article. It was based on a photo of the Beatles Yellow submarine made of flowers, and next to it was the letters L O V E made entirely of flowers too. I liked this element, even though it wasn't the main attraction. I think you need to love plants and love your work if you are going to make such fantastic and delicate structures from flowers, so I wanted my image to have taken time and detail. It isn't my normal style, but I felt I wanted to do something that included small details and tiny flowers and be a bit obsessive with it. 

I admit that it looks much better in my sketchbook than it does on screen. 

check the article out HERE!

There's loads of great illustrations on there. I particularly liked the work of Lou Taylor.
Her paper cuts are so lovely and I love her colour combinations. 
Go check her website out as its jam packed of paper butterflies, people and even paper eyelashes. 

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