Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I love Mail Art

I am loving Mail Art ALOT.

Have been the lucky recipient of 2 lots of lovely mail art from  (Jessica Gowling) and   (Jeannine Saylor) 

After swapping art with her, Jessica actually recommended that me and Jeannine did a Mail art swap because of her love of bees and my little bee zine.  

Here is the lovely little zine (including mountainous stickers) that I recieved from Jessica in return for my bee zine. (apologise for the rubbish photo quality!)

and here is the ace nautical theme package of treasures (plus some pretty flowers and a cute Mr Snail) that I recieved from Jeannine. (Well as she says, she IS a Saylor)



  1. Amazing packages! I'm still working on my next one for Jessica at the moment, it's taking me forever!

  2. YAY! i love all of my worldly pen pals. So stoked you love mountains made of fur. I have your bee zine on my bookshelf with all my other one of a kinds. yay!!!

  3. Glad you liked my package. I am loving this mail art thing! Getting to know other creatives and artists via traditional and art correspondence is fantastic!


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