Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Race for Life

On sunday I completed my 3rd ever Race for Life. In previous years I have only walked it... taking about an hour to do so. A while ago I decided that I was going to jog the whole of the 5k, and that I would train for it. My training was LAME! I was rubbish at going for jogs on my own so ended up only going jogging a few times in the build up before the race. This was not good as I am nooooo runner! So I figured I would probably be walking it again this year with maybe some bursts of jogging at the start and end.... but! I suprised myself! I jogged the whole thing, apart from maybe 500m of traffic jams where the track got thinner and everyone slowed down. I managed to do the race for life this year in 36 minutes. I am so proud of myself! 
Afterwards, feeling great (before all the aching set in) I realised why people get so addicted to running. Although I dont think I will be becoming one of them just yet! Will try and keep the jogging up that I know I CAN do it (even with my horrendously dodgy knees) No more excuses for me!

(Me, Sue, Aimee, Sarah and Mum before our 3rd Race for Life together)

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