Thursday, 4 February 2010

How To Help | DressageDisgrace

How To Help | DressageDisgrace

This is really important to me, so please even if you are not a horsey person could you sign the petition. (you dont have to donate after if it asks you to)

Basically some dressage riders are using techniques to train and ride their horses which means that the horses chin is touching its chest. This creates breathing problems, and "blue tongue" and other problems with their head. You can see that the horse surcomes to forced helplessness. This is rediculous as this is not how horses hold themselves naturally.

I dont know why people want their horses to look like this when horses hold their heads beautifully naturally.
We need to make a fuss so that this trainig method is banned!!!!!!
There is a petition link on the site so please please sign it.
Thank you

Thank you for reading my angry ramble. :)

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