Friday, 11 September 2009

some very delayed photos

The Natural History Museum. I hadn't been here since I was little, but it's still as awesome. I love the building so much, and of course all the things inside it.

I think the ceiling is so pretty, I had to take a photo of it. Would love to have a ceiling like this.

We were in there for hours, and we still didnt manage to get round the whole museum. It's definately a whole day job, or a few visits. You could spend a day just in the fossils and rocks room. They have all the elements in there, I never realised how pretty sulphur is, (although smelly). Also, I've never thought that I was a diamonds and sparkly jewels girl, but as soon as I went into the 'Vault' room, I was in awe of these amazing things. Its crazy to think such beautiful things are natural. My birth stone is Topaz, and I just love the colours.

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